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This year - 2014 - we have an expanded roster made up of local, national and inter-galactic musical and performance artists in the Americana and American Folk genre - for the most part.

We will be in warm weather this year, all stages will have fantastic sound support and The Peacock Cafe will be rockin'!! This year we will have beer stations as well and that will add a lot of, well... it will be a lot more interesting to say the least!! If you plan on coming, see you there!! And if you plan on playing, OK, but you'll need to get your application in pronto. Go here for the Performers Applications 2014 Application Forms and send it in or drop it off at The Unicoi Visitors Center! If you have a show scheduled with The Johnson City Folk Festival & Buffalo Mountain Folk Festival this year, support a stellar local venue and contact the Willow Tree Coffeehouse for a spot!

We are a small staff - seeing your name and time on the roster here and on the schedules is all the notification you'll receive. At this stage we simply do not have the resources for processing contracts and extended communications - we do have contracts for those folsk who have requested them but for the most part our artists are very comfortable with this current approach, and we'll continue to use it - for now. We'll add staff and offices in 2015 hopefully! Again, thank you for coming to play, coming to listen... in peace, love and harmony!

Cowboy Slim • Nashville, TN
Pierce Edens & The Dirty Work • Asheville,NC
Keith Rea • Houston, Texas
Star FK Radium • Washington, DC
Vagabond Philosophy • Knoxville, TN
Possum Crossing • Knoxville, TN
Raven and Red • Mountain Kingdom
Time Sawyer • Charlotte, NC
Frederick Ingram • South Carolina
Erin Edmister and 3 Ton • Chicago
Demon Waffle • Johnson City
Adam Burrows • Hendersonville, TN

Cutthroat Shamrock • JC
The Judy Chops • Charlottesville • VA
Lou Shields • Chicago
Marshall Ballew • JC
The Empty Bottle String Band • JC
Emma Nelson • Wilmington, NC
The Spook House Saints • Alabama
Dulcie Ellenberger • Asheville, NC
Joy Bang • JC
Alison Self • Richmond, VA
Emmett Carlisle • Gainsville, FL
Dixie Ghost • Knoxville

Kryss Dula • JC
The Boys in the Well • Chattanooga
Tim Avram • Saginaw, MI
Rick & Jilda Watson • Alabama
Skip Cochran • Alabama
Cornbred • unknown
The Rhythm Brewers • Unicoi
Aye, Sir Owl • St. Louis
Hollow to Follow • Seattle
Scotty Melton • Johnson City

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